Custom Job Based Training and Degree Portals

Custom Job Based Training and Degree Portals

We proudly offer our clients affordable, custom employer branded employee training and degree portals. By using our site or letting us build your custom site, your employees will have access to a variety of services including online courses and degree programs from our preselected providers. To the right are just a few examples of our more common services, but please browse the site for additional products and services.

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According to the New England College of Business and Finance

To compete in today's global economy, it's important to keep pace with a rapidly changing business landscape. This may mean offering benefits, like tuition reimbursements, that attract personnel and increase employee retention. By providing employee education and training programs, staff members gain fresh, new ideas that put their companies in the forefront, and, in essence, improve the bottom line.

Research confirms that the advantages of employee retention programs to the employer outweigh the risks:

  • Turnover rate for those who take advantage of employee education benefits is reduced by at least 50 percent.
  • Employee retention saves companies millions of dollars a year in new recruitment costs.
  • Employees in retention education tend to be more committed to their organizations and consistently deliver higher job performance.
  • Other benefits of education for business employees are job mobility, promotions and career advancement within the company, which has become increasing important as baby-boomers prepare to leave the workplace.

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