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Merger Integration


As of May 7th 2014, KLG Consultants, LLC commenced providing buy and sell side Mergers and Acquisitions agency representation to private companies throughout North America.

Sellers utilizing KLG’s Exit Prep services can benefit from KLG's Organizational Development and Lean tools to enhance the vision, leadership and operating metrics of their company.

By seamlessly going to market after the exit preparation provided by KLG, companies can benefit from their consultants orchestrating the sale process. Sellers will be able to credibly show buyers that the go-forward leadership team is ready to lead and operate at levels higher then before the sale. Our prior professional experience shows that this can increase the number of prospective buyers and potentially drive higher exit multiples.

Buyers will have a team from KLG ready to facilitate the executive recruiting, merger integration and process improvement strategy for any new acquisition.

In his prior professional positions, KLG’s CEO has been part of a number of successful private company exits as a private equity principal and as an investment banker.

KLG Consultants, LLC can help achieve the outcomes you are looking for and help you avoid a failed sale process or failed merger integration.

KLG Consultants, LLC represents both buyers and sellers of operating companies.

Why not increase the odds of success and optimize your M&A event?

Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Some studies suggest that only 25% of small private companies that go to market, complete a sale process when the owner wishes to retire.
  • Without professional HR and Organizational Development tools, only 40% of family owned businesses survive through the second generation.


We believe and some data validates that it is critical to build a team of "next generation" leaders and executives, in order to show your company can survive and prosper during and after a sale.

We know from experience in our prior professional pursuits, potential buyers will pay special attention to the go forward leadership and management team.

Unlike tradtional business brokers, we help train the next generation of leaders before you go to market. If they are not on your team now, we will recruit and train them.