Ted Caulkins, President, COO | GOLDLEAF HOMECARE

April, 2015

KLG Consultants, LLC offered us not only comprehensive profiling analysis focused on our precise hiring needs, but also timely & helpful support from their knowledgeable personnel. KLG took all the guesswork out of our hiring process. Strong product implementation, process support offering desired results.

Kina & Celeste | Owners-Symmetry 360 Massage

March, 2015

KLG Consultants was an amazing resource for Symmetry 360 Massage in finding the perfect candidate for a vital position in our company. Being a fast growing service business requires a very unique type of leader to balance strong business acumen with the heavy interpersonal intelligence required to manage so many care-giving personalities. Our company had seen a tremendous amount of growth over a short period and the transition that comes along with that rate of growth made it imperative that we get the right person for the job the First time. All the testing provided by Ken was invaluable for finding the right fit. The thorough and clear breakdowns we were provided with helped us find an amazing asset to our team who we may not have considered without KLG Consultants input. Ken was extremely responsive and cognoscente to the individual needs of our business which made it easy to find the right person far quicker than we expected. We look forward to working with Ken again for future high level hires and I would highly recommend KLG Consultants to any business with complex hiring needs.

Douglas S. Antonoff | CEO, Antonoff & Co. Denver, CO

September, 2014

KLG Consultants helped Antonoff & Co. with personality and skills testing for candidates for a vitally important position at our company. Ken Greenberg of KLG was extremely responsive to our needs and turned the tests around speedily (within ½ a day of receiving the completed tests). The tests were very useful to understand the intelligence, skills and personality of each of the final applicants. The test results were invaluable in helping to confirm (or put in doubt) information we had gathered through the application and interviewing process. In addition to providing the test results, Ken spent time helping us to understand both the meaning of the tests and how to utilize the test results in the onboarding process to help to understand critical potential shortcomings of each potential employee as well as his/her needs and desires. When we decided on a particular candidate, Ken advised us of particular actions we could take that would serve to enhance the likelihood of a successful long-term employer/employee relationship. Through the process of testing and consultation with Ken, we found an employee who has turned out to be a great fit for the position and for our company. We were also able to eliminate some candidates who interviewed well, but who had shortcomings we likely would not have discovered until we had already hired that person. I would highly recommend KLG Consultants for assistance in the hiring process.

Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D., MNM | CEO & Co-Founder | Carson J Spencer Foundation

March 9, 2013

Our organization was at a critical point in our growth when we hired KLG Consultants, LLC to help us select two executive level candidates. For the previous 18 months, we had increased revenue by 600% and had experienced significant turnover due to the rapid expansion and learning curve of the organization. Securing and retaining the right talent became critical for our continued evolution. To accomplish this goal, KLG Consultants provided us with a methodical and systematic process that included identifying the type of person needed for success in the position, ascertaining what strengths would be needed to complement the current leadership, and assessing top candidates using a tool that measures behaviors and skills to evaluate the degree of fit. Throughout the whole process, KLG Consultants provided key insights that assisted us in understanding how certain attributes would benefit or cause disruption for our organization. Having this objective perspective was immensely valuable in this process. Not only did I learn better ways to gauge a candidate’s fit with our organization, I also found the information helpful in the on-boarding process of our new hire. I am confident that with the assistance of KLG Consultants, we have made exceptionally good decisions in hiring our two new executives, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Ellison Brimage- Operations Manager at FBC Mortgage LLC

I've had the pleasure of meeting Ken in 2012 and hired him to do some recruting for me in 2013. Ken is a subject matter expert, he is very conscientious and deliberate in his manner. Ken takes his time to ensure he has a clear understanding of his clients needs and then applies what he has learned to complete the assignment and/or task. Anyone that is considering hiring Ken will be well served by doing so, and you will be pleased with the results. It is clearely evident that Ken takes pride in every aspect of his business.

Mike Gutherie | Deputy Director, Carson J. Spencer Foundation

July, 2014

Ken- Thank you for your time and expertise facilitating our annual staff retreat. It was a very productive day and promises to help us move forward as an organization. It meant a lot to have someone with your ability guide us through the day. We also appreciate your commitment to CJSF

Walker Williams | Forte Human Resources

February, 2014

I have known Ken and his organization for 3+ years. Our organization has used his selection tools and we have recommended Ken to our clients. Ken is extraordinarily knowledgeable, an A+ level consultant, very customer service oriented, ethical and transparent. Every project he manages has reflected the quality, quantity and timeliness he promised. I would recommend his organization to anyone.

Michael J. Marino, President & CEO | Well Master Corporation

January, 2014

The training KLG Consultants provided was excellent. The trainer's knowledge of the oil and gas industry combined with the interactive nature of the course resulted in a motivated and energized sales force. I would recommend this training to any organization looking to invest in their people to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Rob Rose, Engagement Manager | Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

January, 2015

Ken and KLG Consultants, LLC have been a great asset to The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce over the years. His latest contribution was to help train our Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors come from a broad cross section of professions, many with years of experience. Ken delivered a state of the art evidenced based business development clinic, specifically tailored to the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. He was masterful in delivery of the material in an effective way. The clinic received rave reviews from our ambassadors and we believe it will help our ambassadors increase our membership numbers and member retention. We can highly recommend Ken as a trainer and facilitator.

Senior Leader | Software Industry

August, 2013

We reached out to Ken and KLG Consultants, LLC to help with the professional development of one of our senior managers. The senior manager plays a dual role of leading a team of software programmers and working with our sales group to support customer acquisition and customer interface during implementation. Over a two month period Ken was able develop skills and behaviors in our senior manager that not only made him a more effective leader of his team, but also a tremendously improved contributor to our sales process. This improvement has made an immediate and material improvement to sales outcomes. We can highly recommend KLG Consultants, LLC for professional development of mission critical managers and leaders in the software industry.

Wine Industry Sales Professional | Evolution at Sea

August, 2013

When I first graduated from college my first position was selling pagers in a then dying industry. Needless to say, it was not a great experience and I turned my back on a sales career. So when I decided to pursue my dream of being in the wine industry and it involved sales, I basically froze. Luckily, I met Ken through a leads group and decided that I needed to take his training course. I cannot believe the change in my business since I started training with him. My funnel is double what it was, I’m looking into new channels to grow my business and I’m so much more comfortable with the selling experience. Thanks Ken, you have truly helped me to grow not only my business but also my confidence.

Fusion Federation

November 20, 2012

Thanks to KLG’s business discipline, our communication flow achieved successful circulation. The efforts and experience that Ken brought to our team improved our systems and operations tremendously. We have emerged into a better platform for open communication and increased our efficiency and productivity.

Steve Reister, President & Chris Reister, CFO | Steel T Heating & Air Conditioning

July 25, 2012

Ken and his team were invaluable in helping us to become aware of our weaknesses as leaders and also how to start the process to improve those weaknesses to make us better long term. His outside view and past business experience were also a huge help in making changes in our internal processes that not only raised our employee morale, but helped us to improve the overall experience of our customers.

Chris Haller | Urban Interactive Studios

July 24, 2012

Ken helped our growing small business think through the most important next steps, helping us reflect on and improve our current business processes. His broad knowledge and experience, paired with his facilitation skills, provided us with specific guidance that we needed as a niche business. I can't praise his work highly enough, and we are looking forward to working with him in the future!

Mike Starkle, Managing Director | Timepiece Capital Incorporated

May 3, 2012

I've worked with Ken in a variety of business situations. Ken is a creative thinker who has a great appreciation for the people side of business. He always brought a unique and valuable perspective to issues that were confronted, and he always conducted himself with the highest standard of ethics.

Troy Vermillion

Ken Greenberg is an amazing person and an exceptional business man. I have personally referred clients to Ken with the up-most confidence in the expert service and advise that they will receive. I know that if you have the opportunity to work with Ken, you will feel the same way. I would highly recommend Ken to any business owner that is looking to get some insight into the old and broken systems within their business and some solutions that can will create a positive change. To further that, he is one of the sharpest people I have ever met.

Matt Walles | Transworld Business Advisors/FranchiseMart

April, 2015

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Ken Greenberg, CEO of KLG Consultants. I have had a professional business relationship with Ken since 2010. In the time I have known him, Ken has consistently proven to be a serious, highly effective, skilled training and development professional. I have personally benefited from Ken’s expertise in leadership management, meeting facilitation and team building. I wholeheartedly recommend Ken and KLG to any executive or business leader who wants their business to operate more effectively and more profitably. Ken’s expertise in improving sales performance, hiring the right employee, improving leadership, management and customer service function, and assessing current and prospective employees can drive quantum improvements for just about any business or professional organization.

David Shapiro | DC

July 6, 2011

Ken has been an irreplaceable asset in our endeavor to grow through business development. He has not only opened our eyes to our strengths, but given constructive advice on how to continually grow and become a thriving business. His knowledge and expertise seems never to end, and his training methods always feel more interactive than lecture which allows us to further grasp his teachings.

Ginny Taylor

Ken helped the board of a local women’s professional group I belong to understand the value of working together and that we can do it! Thanks for showing Cherry Creek Business Women’s Network, CCBWN, the light at the end of the tunnel. Your guidance was so superb. Muchas Gracias.